Woman Causes Outrage by Burning And Urinating on The Quran

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A woman has caused outrage in the Muslim world, as filmed herself urinating on the holy book Quran, which then set on fire, according to Mirror.

The video shows an unidentified woman standing next Slovakian flag and holding the Quran in hands. She filmed herself while ripping the pages apart and laughing while she urinates and then set on fire, reports Telegraph.

The dark-haired woman had filmed the video somewhere in the mountains of Slovakia.

Image Credit: newsone.gr

The woman threatened the Muslim community in her country and called them “parasites.”

“I will hunt you all step by step. No matter if it is a woman, child or man. I will bump off anybody who will be in my way. I do not care about the criminal complaints. It will not stop me. I have a message for everybody, including the police – nobody will stop me,” she shouted.

Image Credit: alhilalalyoum.com

As a consequence of this woman’s action, the police is investigating the matter further. She will be charged under the “criminal act of aggression against the Muslim faith.”


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