A Former Guantanamo Detainee was The Author of A Suicide Bombing of The Islamic State

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A jihadist from the Islamic State group (EI) who was the author of a suicide bombing in Iraq near Mosul was a Briton who had been detained at Guantanamo , his brother quoted by the London Times reported Wednesday .

‘It’s him, I recognize his smile. If it is true, I have lost a brother, “he said.
The Islamic State had recently announced that a British jihadist had committed a suicide bombing on an unspecified date against Iraqi forces near Mosul in northern Iraq. The SITE , the US center for monitoring jihadist sites, had reproduced a photo of the man on the internet on Monday.

He is Jamal Al Harith, a Briton detained between 2002 and 2004 in the US prison of Guantánamo, his brother Leon Jameson told the London newspaper.

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“It’s him, I recognize his smile. If it’s true (that he committed a suicide attack), I lost a brother,” he said.

According to the British channel Channel 4 News , another member of the family, whose name was not mentioned , and another anonymous source confirmed that the man in the photo spread by SITE was Jamal Al Harith.

The document shows him smiling, wearing military camouflage clothes, sitting in a vehicle near electric wires and switches.

The British government stated that it was not in a position to confirm the information.

Jamal Al Harith, whose original name was Ronald Fiddler, was a British native of Jamaica converted to Islam . He had been arrested in Afghanistan by the Taliban for having a British passport.

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Jamal al Harit changed his name from Ronald Fiddler after his conversion to Islam in 1994. He fought with ISIS under the name of Abu Zakariya al-Britani (AP)
After the fall of the Islamic militia regime, he had been arrested in early 2002 by US troops deployed in Afghanistan and sent to Guantanamo , where he was reportedly subjected to torture and degrading treatment.

Back in Britain in 2004, he was briefly interrogated by the police before being released. Harith then traveled to Turkey, where he crossed to Syria in April 2004, the BBC quoted Islamic state documents as saying.


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