When You Drink Water on an Empty Stomach After Waking Up, These 8 Amazing Things Happen

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Though genetics plays important role in making our body, some claims, morning rituals can also help us stay healthy. If you think of Japanese women, they are simply gorgeous for their skin and it’s natural. But most of the women drink water on an empty stomach after waking up every morning.

This is called the water therapy which helps to prevent a number of body disorders.

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Why Drinking water is Important and How You Can Take Water Therapy

Our body contains 70% of water, so it is important to keep it moist while it lacks water. Water is a natural remedy for various short and long term illnesses. Dehydration can create different problems like migraines, angina, obesity, breast cancer, hypertension and much more. Drinking water after waking up helps to keep your body hydrated and prevents those illnesses.

The water treatment/ therapy is a scientifically proven method of treating various body disorders. The Japanese medical society claims that this treatment is effective to combat and prevent the following diseases/symptoms:

Headaches and body aches
Cardiac system
Arthritis, rapid heartbeat
Epilepsy, excess fat, bronchitis, asthma
Tuberculosis, meningitis, diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract
Vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, hemorrhoids,
Diabetes, constipation
All diseases of the eyes, uterus
Menstrual disorders
Diseases of ear, nose and throat

Here is how you should do water therapy:

1. When you wake up, drink 22 ounces (650 ml) of water, before everything in the morning. Drink slowly, without haste.
2. Now you can brush and clean your mouth, but do not eat anything, for at least 45 minutes.
3. After 45 minutes, you can eat and drink as you normally do.
4. Do not drink or eat anything for two hours after breakfast, lunch or dinner.
5. If you cannot drink four glasses at the beginning, start with less and go up gradually.

The water should be at room temperature or warm, preferably to avoid the dangers of taking cold water. It cannot contain fluoride or other chemicals, so if you live in the United States or any place where you add chemicals to water, I recommend you buy a water filter.

Water therapy has no negative side effects other than going to the bathroom to urinate for those who are not accustomed to it. You may also feel detox symptoms, these are 100% normal and occur when the body is being cleaned (eliminating toxins) or fighting harmful organisms.

Key Benefits of Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach:

01. Improves Metabolism

Improves Metabolism

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When you drink water on an empty stomach, it increases your metabolic rate by at least 24%. If you have an increased metabolic rate, you will have a good digestive system. Drinking water instantly after waking up distills the colon, making it easier to absorb nutrients.

02. Helps to Remove Toxins

Helps to Remove Toxins

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It is helpful for your bowel movement. At night, your body fixes itself and banishes all the toxins in the body. Drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning flushes out these harmful toxins. Drinking water in the morning can help to increase the production of new blood cells and muscle cells.

03. Reinforces Healthy Weight Loss

Reinforces Healthy Weight Loss

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When your body releases all toxins, your digestive system becomes healthy and improved. Your excessive hunger will be removed and thus it will prevent weight gain caused by overeating.

04. Alleviates Heartburn and Indigestion

Alleviates Heartburn and Indigestion

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You suffer from heartburn because of increased acidity on stomach. Drinking water in the morning helps you reduce the acid and solves the problem of indigestion. It also prepares your stomach for the upcoming breakfast.

05. Improves Complexion and Skin Radiance

Improves Complexion and Skin Radiance

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Dehydration is the reason behind deep pores in the skin and premature wrinkles. A study found out that drinking at least 500 ml of water on an empty stomach increases blood flow in the skin which makes skin glow. If you drink plenty of water, it will make your skin glow by releasing toxins.

06. Gives Shiny, Smooth, and Healthy Hair

Gives Shiny, Smooth, and Healthy Hair

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Dehydration seriously damages your hair growth. Drinking water nourishes your hair from the inside out. And drinking water on an empty stomach improves the quality of your hair.

07. Prevents Kidney Stones and Bladder Infections

Prevents Kidney Stones and Bladder Infections

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For preventing kidney stones and bladder infections, it is essential to drink water after waking up. Drinking water on an empty stomach thins out the acids which lead to stones in the kidney. Water also helps you stay protected from various kinds of bladder infections caused by toxins.

08. Strengthens Immune System

Strengthens Immune System

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Drinking water on an empty stomach flushes and balances the lymphatic system, which directs your body to increased levels of immunity. A strong immune system keeps you far from various diseases and prevents often sickness.

These are the key benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach, there are also a lot of benefits. If you start from tomorrow morning, you will gradually notice the changes in your body and it is undoubtedly the easiest way of starting a healthy lifestyle.


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