Pokémon Go Killed a Man: Dies from Heart Attack After Catching a Rare Creature

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After catching a ‘Lapras’ on popular mobile game Pokémon GO, a man of 67 years suffered a fatal heart attack. The man was a Singaporean retiree.

His widow has commented that during the time of the incident, the user had left hunting for Pokémon by the Marina Bay Sands complex.

According to the woman, the man used to go to that site since the launch of the game. On the day of the incident, they were celebrating the birthday of a family member, but instead of returning home, the man decided to go for the last walk to see if he could catch something.

Pokémon Go

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Around 6 pm, the widow received a phone call: “They (the medical staff) told us to go and see him one last time.”

The reading of his GPS data showed that the deceased had actually been catching Pokémon in the area and he had managed to capture a Lapras and Granbull, one of the second generation creatures, just before the heart attack. A statement came forth from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) confirmed that paramedics transferred him to Singapore General Hospital but he died briefly after being admitted.


Pokémon Go

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The deceased was considered a really passionate player, having captured more than 200 types of Pokémon and reached a player level of 28.


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