This Country will Have the Longest Life Expectancy for Women in 2030

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According to the latest predictions, the women of an Asian nation will overcome the barrier of 90 years. They will have a higher quality of life, child nutrition, and education too.

Asians are going to rock the world with their work and life too. According to the latest predictions, in 2030, women in South Korea will overcome the 90-year barrier to life expectancy. This means, within 13 years, newborn South Korean girls will have a 60% chance of overcoming the barrier of nine decades of life, while in children, it will be 84 (also the largest in the world among men). The data came from a comprehensive analysis conducted by scientists at Imperial College London and published in the journal The Lancet that used data from the World Health Organization to develop 21 statistical models using Bayesian statistics.

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The results predict that life expectancy will increase in all countries, but the increase in South Korea is likely to be the most dramatic. Currently, Japan has the longest life expectancy and has been able to increase the economic status of its citizens and access to education, but South Koreans have a much more complete health and nutrition system for children. Its population has lower blood pressure than any other western country.

The results also show that The US will have low life expectancy and will remain one of the lowest of the so-called ‘developed countries’, standing at the same time as other parts of the planet with average incomes like Mexico or Czech Republic.

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The report warned that the results are based on predictions, taking into account the current conditions of the countries that were part of the research. Strengthening medical care is the main thing that should be adopted by all States, according to researchers, who warned that if the universal health system disappears – for example – it is quite possible that life expectancy will be reduced in the majority of the countries.

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