This American Store Promotes their Bathing Suits Without a Single Pinch of Photoshop

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You can even see stretch marks on bellies and believe me, it looks great.

Although in Latin America, its fall now, in the Northern Hemisphere, the temperature slowly begins to raise, something that compels the stores begin to prepare their showcases for the season of summer. That’s why it’s no wonder that the popular Target chain is already advertising its new line of bathing suits and bikinis, but what amazes is how they decided to do it.

Taking into account that during this time, many women suffer from problems of self-esteem that leads them to strict diets or to hate their bodies for not being “perfect”. Target decided not to use Photoshop in their latest campaign and also to use models that represent a variety of Weights and sizes.

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In the campaign, you can see a skateboarding girl, Lizzie Armanto, a dancer, Megan Batoon, a model and activist, Denise Bidot, and finally the model and television host Kamie Crawford wearing various swimsuits with all the confidence and comfort in the world.

Kamie Crawford said at the Target site that the idea of ​​the collection was that she could like women around the world: “Target shows women of all sizes and colors, shows them looking beautiful and showing confidence in themselves and their swimsuits and that resonates with women around the world. Trust is contagious!”

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Activist Denise Bidot says that the great thing about bathing suits is that once you find your size you realize that they really look great and that gives you the extra confidence to make your pool or beach day Something incredible.

Meanwhile, professional skateboarder Lizzie Armanto said the most incredible thing of all was “to be able to wear a swimsuit that suits your body” and Megan Batoon concluded that the most important thing is to enjoy the summer without having to suffer with the Insecurities and that’s exactly what she’s going through when she uses Target’s bathing suits.

“It’s important to help you feel full of confidence so you can show yourself as you are and enjoy a good summer without the weight of insecurities.”

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The best thing is, Target ihas taken a great initiative. They gave themselves the time to think about their campaign and gave it a background that went beyond and that contributed something to society. It is clear that it is a marketing campaign focused on marketing and that they want us to buy their bathing suits, but at least they are grateful that they did it thinking of making us feel better with ourselves instead of making us, once again, hate our bodies.


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