The Special Message of Leonardo DiCaprio to a South American Government

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The actor Leonardo Di Caprio, winner of an Oscar for the film The reborn, has for many years been a strong advocate of the fight against climate change and in favor of the preservation of animal species.

The Hollywood star shared a photograph of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet in her Instagram account, thanking the recent announcement of the creation of a network of natural parks that the country will have, all following the donation to the State of Chile of Kris Tompkins, widow Of businessman and environmentalist Dougals Tompkins.

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Di Caprio congratulated for the important advance, cataloging it as “the greatest donation in the history of a private entity to a country” . In the photograph appears Bachelet and Tompkins sealing the delivery of lands.

“Congratulations to the members of the Tompkins Foundation, who have helped create a huge network of parks in Chile.” Today Kris Tompkins and Chilean President Michelle Bachelet committed to creating more than 4 million hectares of new national parks. Donation in the history of a private entity to a country, “he wrote.

The Hollywood star has a foundation dedicated to conserving the environment. In his recent documentary Before the Flood warns about the danger facing the world due to the increase in temperatures.


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