People Who Swear May Make Better Friends, Science Says

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We all have at least one of this type of friend.

Think of your that friend who swear all the time, he/she is obviously a better friend to you. A multilevel study was done by a collaborative team from the Maastricht University in Netherlands, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Stanford and the University of Cambridge. They found out, potty-mouthed people have lower deception levels and higher honesty at a personal as well as a societal level!

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The results of the study show that people, who let loose with a string of vulgarism, tend to let off steam this way and are less likely to harm others or themselves when under pressure. This type of people become more dependable as swearing is an honest representation of one’s feelings. People who swear more are likely to be honest, so they make better friends.

A lot of others studies have shown that swearing keeps people de-stressed and it is an effective pain relief method. The people, who were the subject of the research, are with a rather colorful vocabulary but they do not swear at people, they just tend to use swear words in their spoken or written language more than others.

So, here is the license to swear more.

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