3 Delicious recipes of Pomfret, Prawns and Crab


Being born and raised in India’s coastal region, my enthusiasm for cultural and traditional food is unending!

The coastal belt has a long history of traditional activities and eating habits. We consume a variety of fresh fish, crabs, shrimp, clams, and other seafood as a daily staple, with sides of cooked rice.

This essay is an introduction to one of the most famous and historic seafood restaurants in Udupi’s temple town.

Hotel Thimappa, founded in 1969, has a long history in the seafood sector. Making a way to hearty meal with their specialities like Fish fries, Gheeroast, Fish salt and pepper gravy, boiled rice and many more delicacies.

They receive fresh catches of the day, create piping hot specialties for lunch, and locals usually enjoy on daily meals here because the rates are pocket friendly and reasonable to everybody. The interesting thing is that this restaurant is created in a traditional coastal style home decor with mud bricks and roof to provide clients with a cozy vibe and delicious enjoyment.

This restaurant features a variety of cuisines, including South Indian and North Indian, with seafood being the star of the menu! Here are some of my favorites from this location:

Fry pomfret with masala sauce
Fresh pomfret fish is roasted in a hot pan with a chilli powder-based masala, making it ideal as a side dish for any dinner.


Deep-fried crunchy and crispy prawns are served as a snack. This will make you want more and more.


Huge fresh crabs are sautéed and roasted in a traditional ghee-based masala till the unique flavor pours out. Before buying this, make sure you have a very good skill set in handling crab; else, you would need to spend hours for meals just opening up the crab!

If you ever visit the coastal region of India, be sure to include this location on your itinerary for a real Seafood experience!

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