A beautiful village producing button linen


Tenerife’s mountains and woodlands are full of surprises. You may wander aimlessly around the hills, confident that you’ll come across something memorable, whether it’s an unmarked route leading to a breathtaking vista or a beautiful town you’ve never heard of. We discovered Batan in this manner, leaving in our car with no defined itinerary… and it was one of our favorite Tenerife adventures.

Returning to Batan. We fell in love with the place the moment we arrived. The village is nothing more than a scattering of houses strewn across Anaga’s harsh topography, some high on the hills, others tucked deep within the valley. We parked at what I suppose could be called the “town square,” which had Batan’s parking lot, bus stop, bar, and church, and then strolled through the tiniest “playground” I’d ever seen, up to a vista across the valley.

We learn about Batan’s history as a flax-producing village here. A trail led from behind the church down into lower Batan, passing through flax fields, past the rocks where the fiber was hammered, and past the rock basins where the fiber was beaten.

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