A day at Zoological Park, Chhat Bir Zoo, Zirakpur


This was my first visit to a zoo in my life. So I thought why not to take my camera with me to shoot these memorable memories and share it with you guys.

While walking the zoo and gazing here and there because there was so much to see, I came into these Hippopotamus relaxing in the cool water canal on a July afternoon.

The Fastest land animal on this planet.

Cheetahs are considered as world’s fastest land animals, they may reach at the speed of 70 mph.

Their fast speed and quick movement made it so hard for me to capture them with my camera.

Watching them and their movements was a very unsettling experience for me, as a guy like me who has never been so near to these wild animals would undoubtedly have the same sensation.

The Black Himalayan Bear

The Tiny Cave of Black Himalayan Bear where he use to live and enjoy his life an his afternoons.

Here comes the Largest Animal of the whole Planet.

An elephant is the largest and most powerful animal on the earth.

Elephants may weigh up to 10,000 kg and interact with one another through vibrations. There are plenty amusing facts available on the Internet.

Here comes the young Fox, They have the strongest smelling power in the whole world.

The Cutest Dear Family.

The Wild Hamirpurian Bull

The Most Rarest Bird of Himalayas, Monal

Monal are considered the most rare Himalayan bird since they are very few in number. They are also considered the rarest bird due of their beauty and kalgi on top of their head.

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