A well spent Summer Moscow Russia with some photography


Nikolskaya Street is currently my favorite spot in Moscow. In comparison to other areas, I feel the most at ease here.

I’m curious if you can raise your consciousness to the point where you won’t be astonished by the streets of New York, even if you’re there for the first time.

It’s like an airplane pilot often sees clouds from the air and is no longer surprised by them, but when I saw it for the first time, I was very impressed.

It is worthwhile to visit a huge city at least once, such as St. Petersburg or Moscow, after which no other big city will be able to surprise you…except Tokyo…but this is an other Universe.

It seems to me that if I lived in Moscow, then in a year I would feel like a fish in water here.

Everything in the world is undulating and cyclical, but so that we do not recognize this, the cycles are slightly knocked down.

There is no clear orderliness in the system that an event repeats itself once 10 years. It can be repeated after 9, or maybe after 11.

But deviations are minimal and can still be traced.

For this, I’ve been maintaining a diary for the past 20 years. In life, I mark black stripes that repeat after a given amount of time.

This way you can find out when everything will be good, and when not so.

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