Adventure vacation to the amazing place Zagreb, Croatia


My father and I were left off in Zagreb after an 8-day adventure vacation. We booked a hotel for two nights, giving us plenty of time to see Croatia’s gorgeous capital city.

We arrived late in the afternoon, so we didn’t do anything on the first day. We went out for a delicious sushi supper after getting cleaned up at the motel. We went out the next day and roamed the streets.

Zagreb is a lovely city with a cool architectural style and ornate building decorations. A variety of large statues can also be found.

Zagreb’s churches and cathedrals were my favorite parts of the city. The Zagreb Cathedral has a strong and aggressive architecture, but its edges are exquisitely ornamented. It’s a fascinating contrast with a sense of balance.

I particularly like the figurines that are built into the walls and doors.

There’s something about beautifully detailed art like this that draws me in. The amount of time it must have taken to create all of this artwork is incredible.

The St. Marks Church is a sight to behold. The roof’s brilliant mosaic definitely jumps out. The church’s structure appears to be somewhat plain, yet the roof and decorations are vibrant and fascinating.

@leaky20 I recently wrote about doors. This Zagreb door is so lovely it hurts! I could have stood there for 30 minutes simply admiring it.

This one, too, isn’t too shabby.

Here’s another one for all of Hive’s door aficionados.

Zagreb is a lovely, clean, and walkable city. My father and I had a great time exploring the city. In a little park area, we discovered a market with crafts and homemade things. We also stopped for a beer and some food at an outside location.

Some of Zagreb’s structures are simply too cool to pass up. Zagreb is a wonderful city to roam and get lost in the small, fascinating nuances.

While seeing the city, we also went to a museum. Posts full of photographs of things found in museums are nearly as boring as posts full of pictures of things found in museums. Some people are able to do that, although it is usually unbearable. Having said that, the museum has some fairly amazing exhibits. There was an Egyptian exhibit that sent my thoughts on a wild goose chase.

We boarded an early train back to Budapest after only one full day in Zagreb. We chose to stop on the way there because we’d already seen Budapest. Looking at the map, we saw a location that looked interesting. Keep an eye out for it in the future post.

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