Adventure vacation to the place Balatonfoldvar, Hungary


Balatonfoldvar, Hungary, was the ideal destination for my father and me to end our eight-day adventure vacation. When we were in Croatia, we saw the large Balaton Lake from the train and thought it would be a nice site to stop. We spent the night at Balatonfoldvar on our trip back to Budapest.

The Balaton Lake is a long, narrow body of water that runs roughly halfway between Budapest and Hungary’s western border. It’s a beautiful lake with resorts and tourist communities surrounding it. We decided to remain in Balatonfoldvar because the train had stopped here on its route to Croatia and the small train station was too charming to pass up.

The Hotel Fonix, which is a short walk from the train station, was where we stayed. We visited in the end of August, and the village was deserted. I was getting “The Shining” feelings in the motel. Everyone was packing up the Overlook Hotel and getting ready to leave for the winter, as if it were the opening of a movie. It was a lovely location, but my thoughts kept returning to that old horror film.

My father and I went for a walk after we checked in and dropped off our bags. We were interested in seeing the lake.

The lake was lovely and serene, and we seemed to have the spot to ourselves for the most part.

A pleasant trail runs alongside the lake. It appeared to be a fantastic location for a holiday. According to Wikipedia, Hungarians, Germans, and Austrians flock to the area for vacations.

A few boats were on the lake, but the most were parked.

We discovered a wonderful small spot on the ocean where we could relax and enjoy some beverages. It was a wonderful spot to take in the scenery and relax in the cool breeze.

Because we just had one evening in Balatonfoldvar, we didn’t get to see anything. I was exhausted from the adventure tour activities, so it was the ideal place for me to relax. We mostly just went about and took in the tranquility of the small vacation village.

We returned to the lake after dinner to watch the sunset. The hues were enchanting and foreshadowed the end of summer.

The geese and ducks were well-acquainted with humans and made excellent photographic subjects.

We got up the next day and checked out of the hotel. We walked to the charming tiny train station and boarded the Budapest train. It was fantastic at the railroad station. It appeared to be a park rather than a railroad station.

We rode the train to Budapest and spent our final night together there. We were able to find a room in a house that had belonged to a Duke. It was just fantastic! My father had to depart quite early in order to catch his flight. He was about to board a plane to return to the United States.

My trip was later in the afternoon, so I was able to sleep in, and after checking out of the accommodation, I had 3-4 hours to kill. I try to stay away from situations like that since walking around the city for hours with my rucksack on my back isn’t fun. I was travelling to Greece that day to see my brother @doctorcrypto.

I passed some time in the city before becoming bored with sitting. I made the decision to arrive at the airport early. The plan was for me to meet up with my brother at the Athens airport, where we would board a connecting flight and go to Santorini together.

Someone approached me while I was roaming around the Budapest airport and demanded that I hand over my wallet! It was @doctorcrypto when I turned around! He wasn’t supposed to be in this country in the first place! I was scared that we wouldn’t be able to find each other in Athens, but here he was in Budapest!

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