An nice church in- Mandal of Michael was built in- 2002


The reportage creative wave instills discipline.

Being in this rhythm, you will not try to feel the picture, the main task is to meet the necessary criteria.

The only good news is that reportage photography allows for the inclusion of a landscape photograph in a series of images.

Street photography is very much in common with reportage, but in fact, there is just an abyss between them.

I have not yet found the visual clues by which to accurately distinguish between the two genres.

But I know for sure that while I’m in space, I’ll be doing street photography with deep shadows, with drawing, geometry, and shape as the main focus.

On the material (reportage) frequency, such stories simply will not work.

You will need to perform certain manipulations in order to rebuild.

If nature is now in a material cycle, it will be difficult to transition to a spiritual cycle and travel into space. And you will continue to be pushed back.

And how to determine or understand what cycle in nature is now – this is another topic that has little to do with photography.

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