10 Countries Where Being a Woman Is a Real Pleasure!


More than 9,000 women from 80 countries were the subject of the survey which reveals the best countries for the life of women. These countries ensure human rights, gender equality, income equality, security and progress. Here are 10 countries where being woman is a real pleasure.

01. New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the safest and most peaceful countries. Since 1980, it declared a nuclear-free zone. There are however natural hazards, but it does not contain any poisonous snakes or dangerous wild animals, and almost no blood-sucking insects. New Zealand is recognized as one of the world leaders in the provision of facilities for people with disabilities. All passers-by, even in the cities,say hello to strangers – so it is accepted.

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02. Austria

A country with a high level of income, gender equality in the area of citizenship, enterprise and legacy. Waltz, skiing and cake “Sacher” – the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of Austria. The Austrians are slow. Even in the capital, no fuss, no one is in a hurry. They also have healthy eating habit. Only 20% of Austrian women have problems with being overweight. This is the lowest in all of Europe. Women in Austria do not like to use cosmetics , believing that it adversely affects the skin. In addition, too bright dress for the Austrian women is considered vulgar tone.

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03. Australia

Australia has one of the highest life expectancy. In recent years, women have taken a leading position in the government, large companies and universities. If you love wildlife and are ready to conquer the waves, Australia is the best place. Australian division of society into classes does not depend on the income level, nor the origin.

Australians have a high individualism. Eccentricity in Australia is a quality, quite respectable.

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04. Switzerland

Switzerland is considered the best place to stay in 2017. Most of Parliament members in Switzerland are women.

The country is consists of different nationalities. The Swiss – a business-like and pedantic German, Italian and exquisite emotional Frenchman. Swiss restrained in the street and liberated on vacation. The best place to raise your child too.

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05. Finland

Finland – the first country to allow women to vote and stand in parliamentary elections. In Finland, for women, it is relatively easy to obtain a quality education, and the wage differentials are minimal. Do not be fooled by slow speech of Finns – that is their peculiarity. The relationship between the sexes, according to the custom of Finland, built on the basis of equality and partnership.

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06. Canada

The Government of Canada defends women’s rights both domestically and internationally. And the indisputable advantage of this country – the Prime Minister, who captivated the entire planet. Here, women are not interested in makeup, rather they are interested in work.

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07. Netherlands

A pregnant woman is given a nurse and its services are covered by insurance. Dutch policy is aimed at providing women with good jobs in order to reduce their inequality with men in various spheres of life. And, yhe Dutch are the tallest nation in the world. The average height is 182 cm.

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08. Norway

In Norway, women receive 35 weeks of maternity leave at full pay or 45 weeks at 80% of salary. More than 50% of posts are held by women since 1980 in the Norwegian government. The best country for a writer. The Norwegian government buys 1000 copies of each book and distributes these books among the libraries.

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09. Denmark

Denmark is a welfare state in which education and health are actually free. It was here, according to the EU, most flexible family policy in relation to the spouses who become parents.

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10. Sweden

Female employment is highest in this country. Women make up almost 60% of all the students and take up a quarter of all executive positions.

What can be more peaceful for a woman to live in security and get a high salary-job? Women, who manages houses in these countries get their rights equally.

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