You Are Going to Get a Bunch of Brand New Manga Series in This July


We people love manga comics. It’s graphics, storyline and choreography really give us a good vibe though. It also shows us original Japanese art, cultural and language development. But if you don’t know the language, it will be fine. You can get the English version. There is a good new for Manga lover. You are going to get a lot of new serious in this July. Guys, are you ready for the ride?

01. Drowning Love 13

Drowning Love (溺れるナイフ, Oboreru Knife) basically is a Japanese slice of life romance shōjo manga series written and illustrated by George Asakura and published by Kodansha. But soon you are going to hit 13th series of it.

Genre‎: ‎Romance‎, ‎slice of life
English publisher‎: ‎Kodansha USA Published by‎: ‎Kodansha
Release date: 07.30.2019(13th series)


02. Farewell, My Dear Cramer 1

As first chapters go, this is a good one. But maybe I’m a bit bias, because I have complete trust in this creator, who brought us the exceptional manga. In “Farewell,” the art is as good to look at and the topic – girl’s football – is interesting.

Release date: 07.30.2019


03. Asahi-Sempai’s Favorite 5

Writer: Iroha Machino
Total Page:172
Genre: Romance, Love triangle
Release Date: Jul 30 2019

Story: Matsuri wanted to be Asahi-sempai’s girlfriend, but their relationship came to an end.In that time her cousin Haruto confesses his love to her! But she cannot get over the feelings for Asahi-sempai.


04. Back Street Girls 12

English publisher: NA Kodansha USA
Release Date: 07.30.2019
Genre: Comedy
Original network: BS11, Tokyo MX, MBS
Studio: J.C.Staff

Back Street Girls Chapter 12 Story: Back Street Girls is a Japanese manga series by Jasmine Gyuh. It is about three yakuza men forced by their boss to become a female idol group. But in Chapter 12, these yakuza men failed their boss for the last time. After messing up an important job.


05. Hotaru’s Way 10

Hotaru’s Way, Volume 10
Writer: Satoru Hiura
Release date: 07.30.2019
Page: 183
Genre: Romance

Story: Hotaru couldn’t be just happy.She’s back to her old stomping grounds and ways. Visiting an old-folks’ club with Buchou, she’s beginning to feel content to wait for her retirement to kick in. But Buchou make her see just how much trouble she’s really in!


06. Domestic Girlfriend 19

After Hina reject Tanabe’s proposal, the wolf suddenly sheds his sheep’s clothing. Despite Hina’s best efforts everything gone wrong.

Genre‎: ‎Romance
English publisher‎: ‎Kodansha USA
Release date: 07.30.2019


07. Kakafukaka 8

Recently a 24 years old Aki finds herself single. Because her long-time boyfriend cheats on her. Then she begins living in a sharehouse with a handsome boy. Soon she discovers the unknown side of herself.

Genre‎: ‎Romantic thriller
Release date: 07.30.2019


08. My Boy in Blue 11

It’s a story about Kako, a 16-year-old high school girl.At a party she meets Kouta who at first has a very intimidating aura. Kako gets tangled up with her young local policeman.But she lies.

Genre: Romantic comedy
Release date: 07.30.2019


09. Can You Just Die, My Darling? 10

Last volume! It’s a twisted and suspenseful love story. Affection transforms into murderous rage. And become a controversial combination of shock, violence, beauty and horror …

Genre: Horror
Release date: 07.23.2019


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