Don’t You Think Cartoon Characters Should Be Ban on Unhealthy Food Packaging


A new survey result found, consumers are manipulating by manufacturers and retailers into purchasing ‘dangerously’ unhealthy products. These food products are contained with a lots of salt, sugar, unnatural source of flavor, color which are harmful for kids. And enriched with high in fat, saturated fat. The survey also has found that half (51%) of 526 food and drink products which use cartoon animations on packaging to appeal to children. Some products using popular TV and film characters are 99% sugar and half of all products are so unhealthy. So they couldn’t be advertised on TV during kids programmes, or on Transport for London.

Products that contained high levels of sugars and fats were:

Kinnerton Paw Patrol six mini chocolate bars with over 60% sugar and 17% saturated fat. One chocolate bar ( 12g) would provide a four or six years old with over 38% of their maximum daily recommended intake for sugars.

Paw Patrol milk chocolate coins with 60% sugar, eating four coins would provide a four or six years old with 12g sugar intake.

Dr. Moo Quick Milk Magic Sipper Strawberry had 94.0g/100g of sugar, which equates to over 23 tsp of sugar.

This survey results has prompted Action On Sugar and Salt. That’s why Children’s Food Campaign and other organisations to call for a complete ban of such type of marketing tactics on unhealthy products.

They have also asked for compulsory ‘traffic light’ nutrition labeling. And giving parents the chance to make healthier choices for their kids welfare.


According to the organisations, advertising practices for broadcast advertising, would not be allowed to be advertised to audiences under the age of 16.

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