Assos or Behramkale- a small but wealthy town in Turkey


Assos is a small village on Turkey’s coast. Aristotle once visited and founded an institution here. It’s also where two Hivians stayed for the night on their way across Turkey on a road trip.

We began our day in Foca. After Foca, we weren’t sure where we should travel next, so someone suggested Assos. We wanted something smaller and more coastal, and Assos seemed to fit the bill.

We had brunch in Foca and then went to Assos along the coast. We took our time on the road and enjoyed the ride to Assos, which took less than four hours.

There are several vendors selling a variety of goods along Turkey’s motorways. Typically, the products sold are some form of preserved produce.

The sign is translated as “Black Delight” and “Black Powder Juice” by Google. It would have been fun to test out some black powder juice if we had Google Lens back then.

Isn’t it true that this guy was selling sheep statues? You wouldn’t think there would be enough demand for sheep statues to sustain a business, but they need to sell enough to make a profit.

We had lunch at a fantastic restaurant along the route. The photo’s GPS indicates that the location is here. Ayran, a popular Turkish drink, is in my hand. It’s a salty yogurt drink that catches you off guard the first time you try it. It takes a little getting used to, but I’ve grown to enjoy it.

The restaurant was lovely, and the shade in the back yard area was pleasant and refreshing. Rabbits were also scurrying around! I’ve never gone to a rabbit-themed restaurant.

There were not only rabbits but also a rooster wandering around. In the restaurant, it was almost like a petting zoo.

The restaurant was an excellent pit stop for us on our travels. I have no recollection of the food, so it’s a safe bet that it wasn’t bad. It was most certainly fantastic!

We went back on the road and drove to Assos after a beautiful meal and some rest.

We arrived in Assos and chose a motel that suited our needs. There was some stress when we checked out the next day because the price asked at check-out was significantly greater than the price we were informed at check-in. I’m still not sure if that was deliberate lie or simply a miscommunication. The hotel assured us that dinner and breakfast were included in the accommodation rate, but when we arrived, they told us that just some of the dinner was included, and that the main courses had to be paid for separately.

We didn’t realize any of this until we left, so our stay here seemed like a steal. There were excellent accommodations and a pool at the hotel. It was directly across the street from the water.

The hotel’s grounds were quite attractive and pleasant.

We still had a few hours to kill until supper after dropping off our things. We went for a walk to see what the region has to offer.

Although the gravel beach was lovely, neither @doctorcrypto nor I are beach bums. It was beautiful to look at, but it didn’t provide much in the way of entertainment.

The Dove Hotel was an interesting sight to see. It’s a fitting name for a hotel. When we passed by, there was a group of doves fluttering around it.

There wasn’t much to see in the part of Assos where we stayed besides the beach and the Dove Hotel. It’s a nice place, but out of all the places we stayed in Turkey, this was my least favorite.

The dinner offered back at the hotel was fantastic! And, unbeknownst to us, costly. We were served a variety of new and delicious foods. The photo above is awful, but I believe it depicts watermelon, a bean salad, and possibly another salad.

Fried sea creatures were also provided. I’m not a big fan of seafood, so this was my least favorite part of an otherwise fantastic lunch. It was also, ironically, the most expensive component of the meal.

I’d shrug and say yes when the server came up to the table and said something in Turkish and @doctorcrypto. They’d then bring us a platter.

Raki is a popular alcoholic beverage in Turkey. It has a licorice or anise flavor. It’s interesting since it’s clear in the bottle but turns white when you pour it over ice.

The supper was delicious, and we both had a terrific time. I don’t recall how much the meal cost in total. It’s extremely probable that the meal’s pricing was reasonable, but I was disappointed because it wasn’t the price we had agreed on previously.

The breakfast that was served in the morning was fantastic. It was included in the room’s fee and it blew my socks off. The table was enormous, and it was piled high with a variety of fresh and unusual Turkish dishes. There were also some foods that were more familiar. This hotel’s breakfast was fantastic.

I snapped a picture of this pretty cool looking plant after breakfast. I checked out and paid our payment, but I had a bad feeling about the location. I wish I could recall the difference between what we were told it would cost and what it actually cost. I know I spent a lot of time arguing with the motel clerk.

I learned the importance of receiving solid prices and, if possible, paying in advance.

We reloaded the car and hit the road again. We had an 8-hour drive ahead of us, so we were in for a long day of driving. I’ll write about it tomorrow, but I’ll mention some of the munchies I bought along the way.

Here are some Doritos with a Hot Corn flavor.

I didn’t take many pictures at Assos, but I did take a lot of wonderful pictures in our next trip. I hope you’ll join me for our next destination on our Turkey road trip tomorrow.

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