Attapeu, Laos- A big city with some beautiful locations


Attapeu, Laos, is a medium-sized town near the Bolaven Plateau. It appeared to be a reasonably modern town, and it appeared to be more prosperous than many of the other places I stayed. It was also one of the first places where I truly believed I was the only English speaker in the entire town.

It was a pleasant ride from Tad Lo. The temperature was restrained from rising too high by some clouds in the sky. For the most part, I stayed on the side of the Bolaven Plateau.

For this day, my photo folder is relatively empty. I believe I was simply enjoying the ride. I came to a few stops to shoot random shots of shacks and other structures, as well as wildlife.

In my front basket, I kept some emergency gasoline in a water bottle. I ended up repositioning the bottle to a more secure location after cycling over a few potholes. I always rode with at least one bottle of fuel in both Laos and Vietnam. It was easy to obtain gas in Vietnam, but finding somewhere to fill up the motorbike in Laos could be difficult. Gasoline and diesel are colored differently in different countries. It wasn’t until Cambodia that I noticed the difference in colors.

I observed this vehicle out of the corner of my eye while passing through a town and had to turn around to capture a photo. I was thinking to myself, “Wait a minute! Is it possible that I just saw what I think I saw?”

Yes, absolutely! To begin with, I’m fairly certain this truck was not manufactured in the United States. I was delighted to see someone representing the United States on their truck in a country where the hammer and sickle is commonly displayed. Then there was the Easy Rider’s own sticker on the tailgate! I never expected to see a Peter Fonda bumper sticker anywhere, let alone in Laos. There’s also the term “Hi-Speed.” It was fantastic! I’d like to get my hands on one of these stickers.

The house’s gate was also pretty cool. I like how the iron bars are two different hues.

Later, I visited a small waterfall. It was interesting to see, but not particularly impressive after spending the night by a waterfall.

There was a tourist area beside the waterfall, but it was mostly empty. It appeared to be a pleasant place to spend an afternoon.

The sun burst through the clouds, and I was able to get this image. I obtained the shot at the top of the page a little later.

I eventually arrived in Attapeu and checked into a hotel. Early on in my trip, I realized that you don’t need to speak the same language as someone to get things done. The lady at the hotel understood I was looking for a room even though I didn’t speak the language. I raised one finger and pointed to myself, indicating that I just required a room for myself. She calculated the amount and showed it to me on a calculator. I paid the amount shown on the screen. Then I shrugged my shoulders and gestured to my scooter. She stated that she would safeguard the bike by bringing it inside at night.

I went for a walk and located a restaurant for dinner. Fortunately, there were other people eating there, so I obnoxiously observed what they were eating and pointed to a dish that I want. The waiter at the restaurant gave me a thumbs up, and I was soon eating my own food.

I said “BeerLao” at the store and bought some beer without much fuss.

I had read posts from other travelers online. They said that South America was difficult to travel in because not much English is spoken. I figured that South America would be a breeze because at least I know a few Spanish words. In Laos, I only knew about 4 words and I was getting by without much trouble. One thing that I found to be really helpful is google image search. Later in my trip I would need a welder and a photo of someone welding was all I needed to get some work done.

That’s going to do it for this day’s ride. Tomorrow’s post will have more photos than this one. I took more photos as I ventured onto the Bolaven plateau itself and checked out what it had to offer. Hope to see you there!

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