Best place to visit in Berlin, Germany


Berlin is the capital of Germany. It’s a lovely location with a lot to offer visitors.

I flew into Berlin from Kaiserslautern, where I grew up. I was able to find an inexpensive train ticket using blablacar. If my memory serves me well, the train travel took roughly 6 hours.

I landed in Berlin at the height of tourist season, which was unfortunate for me. Every hostel was fully filled. I found a room at the SORAT Hotel Ambassador Berlin for a reasonable price, but it was out of my pricing range.

It was sad not to be able to find a hostel because hostels make it simpler to meet people. The hotel’s location was also not optimal. But, because I wanted to spend some time in Berlin to acquire a feel for the city, I booked a hotel for roughly a week.

I did all of the touristy things on my first full day in Berlin. I took images for Facebook while wandering around the key sights (dang, I wish I had Hive back then!).

The city is lovely and appears to be well-kept. The scenery were interesting, and there was enough to photograph.

Later on, I would see many buildings with statues and ordainments in other cities, but Berlin was one of the first cities where they seemed to be everywhere. As a result, you’ll have to put up with all of my architectural shots.

I hadn’t observed any criminality until this point in my journey. However, in Berlin, I witnessed two people being apprehended for stealing. The first was a man who appeared to be a drug addict being pursued and assaulted by two persons right in front of me. I only comprehended the word “police” when one of the guys looked at me and said something. So I dialed 911 and handed him my phone to speak with the cops.

A man exiting the metro and ranting at a woman and a male was the second incident. The couple were gypsies, and after a brief exchange, they returned the man’s wallet.

I expected Spain to have more crime than Germany, but Berlin came out on top in that category.

In Berlin, there was a lot of building going on. Construction cranes may be seen in the sky in certain spots.

The Neptune Fountain was probably my favorite of all the tourist attractions.

After completing my tourism activities, it was time to relax for a few days and do normal things. Normal things for me were eating and beer.

I also spent a number of evenings in front of a metro stop drinking beer.

My aim was to stay in Berlin for about a week. My preparations were disrupted, however, when a friend messaged me on Facebook. He had an extra ticket to a festival in Berlin and invited me. I’m not a big fan of electronic music festivals. I’m not a big fan of camping and listening to the same music for multiple days in a row. But it was my intention to say yes to everything, and I did.

I got picked up by my pal after checking out of my hotel early. That will be the subject of my future post.

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