Cycling in Austria’s sunniest region- land of mountains


Things to do in Burgenland

Burgenland is not your typical Austrian region because it lacks mountains. Swamps and steppes, on the other hand, define the terrain. Not to mention the Neusiedler See, a massive lake in the middle. It is the world’s second-largest endorheic lake. Overall, Burgenland may be regarded Austria’s sole true lowlands.

These are ideal circumstances not only for bikers, but also for numerous birds and other animals, resulting in the protection of extensive regions around Lake Neusiedl. The lake’s ecology, as well as the lake itself, is a one-of-a-kind spectacle in Central Europe.

Good Weather and Water Sports

Burgenland’s lack of harsh weather is another intriguing aspect. Because the sun shines over 300 days a year, Lake Neusiedl is ideal for leisure and water sports. Podersdorf and Breitenbrunn are the greatest places to undertake these activities.

Wines of Burgenland

Despite Austria’s reputation as one of the world’s top white wine producers, the sunny Burgenland also has a vibrant red wine culture. In the same way that sampling local Riesling or Grüner Veltliner white wines is an essential element of the Wachau experience, Blaufränkisch and Zweigelt red wines are essential to the Burgenland experience.

All of the aforementioned factors attract a large number of tourists, not only from Austria, but also from Hungary and Slovakia. Cycling is my personal favorite activity around Neusiedler See, out of all the options.

These lowlands were formerly lush and productive. Within a few settlements in the area, people lived happily ever after. During one of his hunts, the Lord of Forchtenstein became disoriented and ended up at Mädchenthal. He met a lovely girl named Maria there and fell in love with her right away. Because the Prince kept his status hidden from the young lady, she misunderstood him for a common hunter.

Due to its nature Neusiedler See is very sensitive to precipation. Photo by Alis Monte [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Connecting the Dots

The residents began to believe in the miracle. The floods was stopped, but the people who were responsible got what they deserved. The process descended into despair, driving her insane; Samuel drowned in the lake’s waters, and the Prince erected the Forchtenstein abbey and traveled to Rome to seek pardon. Local residents escaped the flooding, although many lost their homes and were forced to relocate to Neusiedl am See, which is located on the lake’s shore. Since then, the lake has been known as Neusiedler See.

Formation of Neusiedler See

The geological features of the lake would not be what they are if it weren’t for its location. Endorheic lakes are found distant from the seas and oceans, usually deep inland. Rivers, such as the Neusiedler See, find it difficult to build a water corridor between seas and lakes in this manner. Central Europe is an ideal location for the formation of such an endorheic lake.

Because Neusiedler See is a shallow steppe lake, it is not surprising that the water disappears during long draughts or when human engineering interferes. There have been numerous such instances since its formation, which occurred between 14,000 and 18,000 BC. In 1866, Lake Neusiedl dried up for the last time. In his diary, a local peasant wrote that he was able to cross the lake without getting mud on his boots.

Personal Impressions of Biking Around Neusiedler See

I was taken aback by the scenery surrounding the lake. I was barely aware of Lake Neusiedl for the most of the bike ride. It was hidden someplace beyond the wetlands that around the lake. There are only a few clean passageways to the Neusieder See beach. The majority of them live in villages.

The Neusiedler See will not aim to steal the show; rather, the lake will serve as a catalyst for the area’s lovely environment to emerge. This is why we came here in the first place. Whether it’s the Seewinkel National Park or the charming medieval Old Town of Rust, it’s all thanks to the Neusiedler See. It’s a true steppe lake that thrives on the diversity of species that surrounds it. Only by comprehending the nature of Lake Neusiedl was it possible for me to appreciate this magnificent lake on its own terms.

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