Delicious Tostones (Fried Plantains) recipe with only 3 ingredients


hello food lovers people Recently, my sister and I have been honing our culinary skills, and of course, we want to share them with you. In this case, I’m here to tell you about a delicious, easy, and simple dinner we made with only three ingredients.

Green banana
Mayonnaise and tomato sauce (optional)

We are banana fans in my house, and there are so many things you can do with them. This was our dinner idea, and it was amazing, however you can always add additional ingredients if you like, but let’s get started.


We began by peeling the green banana and slicing it into little pieces, which we then fried for a few minutes; I should note that we only used one banana at home, and it yielded a lot.

After these pieces have been fried, we place them on a board with a little water to keep them from sticking together and smash them before frying them again for a few minutes.

While my sister was watching the tostones, I started grating mozzarella cheese and slicing avocado into little bits to put on top of the tostones.

But first, we spread a little sauce and mayonnaise on them, followed by the cheese and avocado, and they were ready to eat.

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