Everyday routine in Vologda with some great photography


I had been separated from the metaphysical frequency for a long time. My brain is not bothered by a lack of information flows. True, certain thoughts do arise. This is owing to my inability to walk due to colds and general malaise. But, when I was having a shower, thoughts began to overwhelm me.

I began to experience financial troubles on a regular basis, and as a result, various opinions on the subject of money began to emerge. What if I had a lot of money? What would I do with it? Many people, no doubt, considered it.

I tried to answer this question myself.

Assume I buy myself various types of apartments and cars, assist my family, spend some money somewhere to make them work, and…what happens next? As we all know, life is about mobility, which means growth. When I don’t have any money, I have to move and think in order to feed myself and my family, and if I have enough money, I can probably stop moving and thinking.

A global goal is required for movement. Until now, I’ve asked the system (or the universe, as it’s more convenient for everyone) for money for a variety of reasons and received it. And it was all for the sake of progress. I received a camera for creativity, a bicycle for travel, a car for travel…and if you ask for an apartment or money, what is it for me? To provide comfort. However, the system does not approve of comfort because the person stops moving in this setting. Requesting a significant sum of money without a particular aim will also fail. Some sort of fork in the road.

And so I come back to what am I going to do if I have a huge amount of money? And I have no answer to this question.

Do you believe I’ll be able to keep working there and photographing the same things? What can I offer the world? I can teach photography, however there are a lot of people who are similar to me. Okay, I can teach photography metaphysics, but I’m not certain about everything and am still learning.

Except for photography, it turns out I have no goals. This indicates that if you want to make a lot of money, you must set a goal for yourself. For example, you might wish to rebuild your rover, develop a coronavirus vaccine, or investigate minerals…but you’ll need a lot of money to do it. Then you can inquire. Purpose = life = growth.

Maybe I want to be a great photographer? It doesn’t take so much money, it takes hard work and time. Or you need a good personal photo sales and promotion manager.

Most likely, I still have a goal – to publish a book with my photographs.

Again, if I study the issue in detail, what can I show the viewer in this book or what can I tell about?

Abandoned villages, decaying homes, street photography, or village life are all dull to most people and have been displayed to people all over the world for a long time. Maybe I’m mistaken.

But even if I’m wrong, publishing a book or two won’t make millions.

Looks like I just need to understand yourself and set the right goals in your head.

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