Excellent city of beauty | Da Nang city central Vietnam


Danang is Vietnam’s third largest city. A river divides it, which is traversed by six bridges. On one side of the river sits a city that looks a lot like the rest of Vietnam’s major cities. The beach side of the river features a lot of hotels and beach attractions on the other side. My first trip to Danang was only for a few days, but it quickly became one of my favorite cities on the planet.

The journey from Hoi An was quick. Danang is only one hour away from Hoi An.

If you’re curious in how I started the day’s trip, watch the video above, which shows me leaving my hotel and taking a quick tour of Hoi An before heading to Danang.

I arrived in Danang in less than an hour and had no idea where I would stay. After crossing the Dragon Bridge, I came to a stop near a large mural. Then I spent some time looking for a motel on my phone.

On my first night, I made a mistake and remained on the city side of the river. Despite the fact that I spent a lot of time in Danang, I’m still not a great lover of the city. It’s fine, but it’s just another huge city in Vietnam, like so many others.

At the hotel, I looked for nicer accommodations, and the next day, I located a spot on the river’s beach. The beachfront motel I discovered was fantastic. It was brand new and nearly entirely devoid of people. Because there was little business during this season, they only charged me half of the advertised amount.

It was approaching tax season in my nation, so I planned on remaining in Danang for a few days to ensure that I completed my taxes.

It didn’t take long to complete my taxes online, but I had to call the IRS to obtain a number, which cost me nearly $40 in phone cards. Because the IRS had me on hold for so long, I had to leave the hotel and get new phone cards.

I went out exploring a little after I finished my taxes. I went to the Lady Buddha’s shrine. I believe this is also the location of Monkey Mountain, although I didn’t attempt to climb it until I returned to the city a month later.

I’m not sure I can put it into words, but riding around Danang’s coast was a lot of fun. The ocean was stunning, and this side of the river was rather quiet. It was also nice to be able to ride without my backpack on my back.

I had to pull over to take a picture of my favorite bridge on the planet. When I first rode across the dragon bridge, I was really taken aback. On Sundays, it literally breaths fire and water, something I had no idea about.

During my first visit to Danang, I didn’t know much about the city and merely cruised around on my motorbike.

At night, I dined at a beachside restaurant.

I’m not sure what I ordered, but this is what I got. It’s like a hotpot, but the meat is wrapped in rice paper and consumed that way. A month later, I tried to get the same dish, but I couldn’t make myself understood, so I got a new dish.

This was the first time I’d ever eaten a dish that I’d made myself. One of the waitresses was quite pleasant and gave me a thorough demonstration of how to consume my dish.

The bowl is steaming and brimming with broth, vegetables, and other goodies. Meat is cut into bits and cooked in the broth. After they’ve been cooked, place vegetables on a piece of rice paper. Then you add some meat and the rest of the hotpot’s ingredients. After that, roll it up and dip it in the sauce. It was fantastic.

I went exploring again the next day.

The Lady Buddha is a little further down the road.

It was a beautiful ride to photograph.

Visiting an English cafe was one thing I did that brought me back to Danang. I went to an establishment named The Keys Speak English Cafe, which no longer exists. I learned about it on Tripadvisor and decided to pay it a visit.

Danang is a university town with a few English cafes where Vietnamese students can practice their English with visitors. I went there and had a great time talking to the folks. It appeared to be a simple approach to make friends with the locals. The English cafes were a key element in my decision to settle in Danang a month later.

After some exploring, I returned to my hotel room and rested a little bit. In the evening I went walking around to find another restaurant for dinner.

I not only found dinner, but also beef jerky! I had no idea beef jerky existed in Vietnam. I was so ecstatic that I purchased a large quantity.

The greatest difference between Vietnamese and American jerky is that Vietnamese jerky contains a lot more sugar than American jerky. It was tasty, but I was taken aback by how sugary it was.

The following day, I left town for Hue.

On this leg of my journey, Danang is the last stop. As I already stated, I returned to this city for a few months. I hope you’ll join me as I continue my trek north in the next post!

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