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Gdansk tour- a spectacularly attractive city in Poland

Gdansk is a spectacularly attractive city with its many winding lanes lined with vividly colored, ornately designed buildings. This lovely port city should not be overlooked!

After a long rail travel from Berlin, I arrived in Gdansk late at night. An ex-girlfriend was from Gdansk, and when she saw that I was in Berlin on Facebook, she suggested that I visit Gdansk next. I’m so glad I took the chance!

What I anticipated to find in Poland surprised me. I had lived next door to it in Germany for 8 years and had no desire to go there. What a pity! Poland is one of my favorite European countries.

I booked into the 3City Hostel on my first night in Gdansk and went out to attempt to locate some dinner and snap some shots. I went back to my hotel for a nice night’s sleep after a little wandering. My photo-taking finger would need to relax because the next day would be really taxing!

I truly hope you enjoy taking images of architecture since I couldn’t stop myself from photographing all of the beautiful structures. Every corner I turned, I wanted to shoot a dozen shots because of the colors, the design, the small flourishes and decorations.

The attention to detail and small embellishments on the buildings truly attracted my attention and blew me away. Gdansk is such a lovely city!

I’m not sure what they’re called, but the tops of the buildings’ facades seemed extremely cool to me. I’m not sure if these serve any purpose other than to look cool.

On my vacation, Gdansk, and Poland in general, were such a breath of fresh air. After a month and a half in Spain and Germany, I landed. Poland was equally as exciting and interesting as the western countries, but it was around 30% less expensive. Everything in Poland was cheaper, from apartments to food to beer. And I’ll add to the debate by claiming that Polish beer is superior to German beer!

My goal was to travel as long as my money would allow, and in Poland, my bank account was thriving. My camera, on the other hand, was less pleased; I was taking so many shots that it was definitely overworked.

For the sake of the photograph, a part of me wants to photoshop the Backstreet Boys out of this shot. Another part of me believes that anything featuring the Backstreet Boys is automatically funny, thus it must stay.

This large, oddly shaped structure is an ancient boat unloading crane.

I just stayed in Gdansk for a few nights. I was under pressure to keep moving because I had plans to meet my father in Budapest in a month or so.

Don’t look at this selfie too closely. At the music festival, my nose had been leaking due to acute allergies. I couldn’t figure out how to erase the dry, cracked skin around my nose with the retouch tool.

I also stayed in Sopot, but because it’s only a few kilometers from Gdansk, I don’t think it warrants its own post. In addition, I only have about 5 images from that trip. Sopot is a seaside resort town near Gdansk. I had completely forgotten that I had stayed the night there. If you prefer beaches and resort towns, it’s OK, but I believe Gdansk has more charm and beauty.

I went and found my transportation after a few nights in Gdansk and one night in Sopot. I’d made arrangements to travel to Wroclaw in the automobile of a Ukrainian couple. I made friends with a cat while waiting for them at their hotel.

This structure is one-of-a-kind. Although it appears like I have used a distortion filter on the photo, this is how the building appears. This could be from Sopot, although both places are Gdansk in my view. I hope this does not insult Sopot or Gdansk residents.

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