Travel to the most beautiful city named Hoi An, Vietnam


Hoi An is one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam. It’s a popular tourist destination as well as a photographer’s dream. This town, as lovely as it is, felt a touch too staged for my liking. Staying for a couple of nights to shoot some shots was fun, but I had a far better time in Danang, which is just down the road.

The travel to Hoi An was fantastic after a good night in Kham Duc! I drove through a deep jungle for a couple of hours. Then I spent approximately an hour driving through a series of charming little villages on a tiny little road.

It had rained overnight, and my bike had gotten wet, because it wouldn’t start when I went to start it. It only took a few minutes to get it up and running. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the sparkplug was getting moist.

I eventually started the bike and drove down the road toward the coast. The jungle was densely forested and engulfed in ivy.

To me, the jungle was awe-inspiring.

I came across a massive waterfall alongside the road at one point.

Here’s a video of me approaching the waterfall. This is how it feels to ride a motorcycle in Vietnam. You see something intriguing and decide to pull over, park, and investigate. That was also something that the locals did a lot of. Many times when I stopped for a water/stretch break, individuals would pull up alongside me and say hi, allowing them to practice their English. Stop to check what I’m up to or inquire if I’m experiencing bike problems. It was enjoyable.

I have a ton of Hoi An photographs to sort through, but I really enjoy a lot of these jungle shots. The trip to Hoi An was fantastic!

On this particular day, the roads were particularly stunning.

Here’s a shot of a water buffalo, as is customary. If I have images of water buffaloes, I will never not post them.

I turned along this tiny little road after exiting the jungles, which passed through a few villages. I arrived just in time, and as I rode through, the schools were disbanding. As I cycled by, I must have had at least a hundred kids cry “Hello!” and “How are you?” at me.

I would have been afraid if I didn’t have GPS on my phone that I was on a driveway or something. It was one of the tiniest roads I’d ever seen.

This small temple, located near the pond and water buffalo, was magnificent.

The country flattened down as I went closer to the beach and rivers, and the landscape and buildings altered dramatically.

The white building on the right of the frame is actually a large boat, despite how difficult it is to see from this photo.

When I initially arrived in Hoi An, I took this photo. Finding a motel took some time. I went down the wrong route by accident and ended up in a market near the water.

I went out on foot after finding my hotel. With a nice camera, a night in Hoi An would be incredible. At night, my phone wasn’t much use for photos.

I stayed in Hoi An for two nights and had a full day to tour the city.

Hoi An is a stunningly gorgeous location. It’s the kind of area where you could just wave your camera around and press the shutter button at random and get a bunch of beautiful shots. Everything appears to be in excellent condition.

As a result, I spent the majority of my day going around, clicking the shutter button on my camera.

I wasn’t very fond of Hoi An, as lovely as it is. To me, it appeared to be manufactured and phony. Suits and dresses were sold in almost every establishment. Thousands of western visitors were also present. I don’t have anything against western visitors; I just don’t want to travel to foreign nations to see other tourists. I’d like to meet some locals. I also enjoy the sensation of being the only foreigner in town..

In Hoi An, there are hundreds of suit and dress businesses. Everything appeared to be oriented at wealthy visitors. It didn’t appeal to me as a non-wealthy tourist.

I went to Hoi An with Vietnamese friends from Danang a few months later. It was far more enjoyable to tour the city with residents.

Regardless of how I felt about the atmosphere, the beauty of the location is unmistakable. I wish I had taken more pictures.

Even the tiniest alleyways are charming.

I can’t possibly comment on all of the photographs because there are far too many. Here are the rest of my images from Hoi An.

Before traveling down the road to Danang, I shot one last photo of Hoi An. I ended up falling in love with Danang and staying there for about three months. Danang appeared to be a more authentic city, with people going about their daily lives. Hoi An felt more like a tourist attraction than a real place.

The journey into Hoi An was fantastic, and despite my reservations, Hoi An was a pleasant surprise. It was simply not a good fit for me. The beauty of the location, though, cannot be disputed. When I was here, I said the following on Facebook.

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