Images from the El Sauzal Coast


The southern coasts of Tenerife might draw more tourists, but if you’re looking for dramatic natural landscapes, the north is where it’s at.

With the churning sea providing a restless background to a shoreline of jagged volcanic rocks, ocher-colored cliffs, and scarce vegetation, it feels as though this part of Tenerife is attempting to be as scary and inhospitable as possible. This isn’t the kind of coast where you’ll want to bring your kids and a beach umbrella, but it’s a great location to go for a long stroll and contemplate the endless energy of the waves and the beauty of the contrasting hues in the landscape.

Take a steep twisting route down to the sea level from the village of El Sauzal. Because the road is quite narrow and only has one lane in certain places, it is not the simplest roadway to maneuver. However, there are a few places where you or incoming cars can get out of the way. However, if you’re going up a high hill, make sure to have a backup plan.

But it’s all worth it, because once you’re down there, the walking pathways along the coat are much easier to manage.

When you walk the trail on your left, you’ll come across the caves, which were built by fishermen to get away from the terrible weather.

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