It is a wonderful place in the Vologda region of Russia


The village of Verkhovazhye is another district center where I would want to spend the entire day. It lies in the Vologda region of Russia, near the border with the Arkhangelsk area. Moscow and Vologda are 223 kilometers apart.

The village is quite old – the date of the first mention dates back to 1471.

Verkhovazhye (Higher Vaga), as the name suggests, is located in the upper reaches of the Vaga River. The same federal route M8 “Kholmogory” is also close.

There is a lot of ancient architecture in Verkhovazhye.

There is also a suspension bridge over the Vaga river.

The river is small here – in dry summer you can wade it.

Wooden suspension bridge made on metal cables.

In the most interesting village I had the least chance to walk.

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