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Kaiserslautern travel- a small German town located in the southwest

Kaiserslautern is a small German town located in the southwest. It houses Europe’s largest swimming pool as well as around 45,000 NATO service members and their families. Kaiserslautern hosted five World Cup games in 2006. It’s also where I spent a few years of my life.

For a variety of reasons, this is a challenging post for me to write. The first is that during my three-day visit, I didn’t snap many shots. The second reason is because I have a lot of images from my time here, but the most of them are of people rather than the area. The images are significant to me because of the individuals in them, not because of their aesthetic value. I didn’t take as many tourist photos in Kaiserslautern as I did in the other places I visited on my vacation.

To begin, I’ll share the images I shot throughout my trip. I’ll include some of the images I’ve taken over the years later.

While I was gone, no one cleaned my apartment. This was the location of my computer and dining room. During my trip, I truly missed my computer.

One of my windows offers this view. Every 15 minutes, the church rung its bells. That explains why my rent was so low.

During my time in Spain, I had a strong desire for a Doner Box. A doner kebab without the bread is known as a doner box. They start with French fries, then add doner meat, doner vegetables, and sauce, followed by more doner meat and French fries. It’s the next phase in the evolution of the doner kebab.

So those were the majority of the photos I took when I arrived at my flat. The following are some old images of the city.

When I initially arrived in Kaiserslautern, the World Cup was about to begin. I needed to find a place to live and get used to my new job. Then came the World Cup, which turned my city into a 30-day fiesta. For the entire 30 days, I don’t think I made it home before midnight. I don’t know how I get to work every day.

For 30 days, the city was completely crowded. It was a strange atmosphere. During a game, I recall walking somewhere that wasn’t in our city. It was a late game, so there weren’t many spectators on the street. The place was strangely deserted. However, whenever something interesting happened in the game, the entire city would oooh and ahhh along with it.

It was a lot of fun playing the games. In general, I was a fan of our team. However, after moving downtown, I was constantly rooting for the team to lose. People would stay up all night celebrating whenever the team won, and I could hear it from my flat. I began rooting for the team to lose in order to get some sleep.

For me, that’s enough of a walk down memory lane. Returning to my journey!

I washed my clothing and repacked my bag at my apartment. I got rid of certain things and purchased other ones. This is all I’m going to need for the next few months.

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