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Korana Croatia- two nights spent in the beautiful place

This is a challenging post for me to write. My father and I spent two nights in Korana, Croatia. We went to two great national parks, and Korana was perhaps my favorite place to stay during my nine-month trip around Europe. The problem is that the majority of my images are abysmal. I’m not sure if it was the weather, if my lens was dirty, or if the camera software was simply overloaded by the vibrant colors. Whatever the reason, I now have a folder with about 250 images, the majority of which are unusable.

Korana is a little community nestled in the shadow of Croatia’s most visited national park. The settlement is small, with only a few structures and a charming tiny river running through it. The river is cleaner than anything you’d find in a theme park.

This is the entire hamlet. We stayed in Sankorana or the house next door, I believe.

I’m not sure what it was about this village that drew me in so strongly. We didn’t have access to the internet for the whole of our stay, and there wasn’t much to do in the village other than wander and read. But there was something about it that made me fall in love with it. As soon as we stepped out of the vehicle, I was struck by a sense of calm.

The breeze was cool and refreshing. The gurgling river was ideal. The homes were beautiful and rustic in appearance. We were also greeted by a small baby lamb.

The lamb belonged to the next-door neighbor, who was letting it out to get some fresh grass. He also had a violent guard pony who harassed the lamb while we spoke with the owner. The pony continued to chase the lamb around in circles. The lamb was just interested in eating grass. The pony was only interested in eating lamb.

After a long day of hiking in Velká Paklenica National Park, we arrived at Korana. The park was enjoyable, however I am not a fan of hiking.

I’m not sure why I despise hiking; I assume it’s because I get bored easily. Trees and mountains, as I understand it. Cool. Is it possible to move on now? No, there will be six more hours of more forests and mountains. When I “go back to nature,” I know I’m meant to experience something great, but I usually simply feel weary, hungry, hot, and sweating.

Everyone else in the party seemed to enjoy themselves, so if you prefer hiking, this is an excellent spot to go. For me, being in a boat or raft would have been preferable. Alternatively, riding a bicycle or motorcycle.

However, our lunch stop was fantastic! And it was most likely worth the hard trek to get there. Paklenica Hut is located high on a mountain. All of the food and supplies must be transported by mule.

The goods were delivered to the hut in this manner.

We hiked for a few hours after lunch to get back to the bus. The trek had left me tired.

Mountain climbers flock to the national park as well.

We piled into the van and headed to Korana after spending the day hiking through the national park. The next day, we visited Plitvicka Jezera National Park. Those photos will probably be saved for tomorrow’s post. I wasn’t sure if I had enough photos for two postings, but I believe I do. This one got quite crowded pretty quickly.

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