Lake Bled a glacial lake Slovenia’s northwestern region


Lake Bled is a magnificent glacial lake in Slovenia’s northwestern region. It is surrounded by Castle Bled and has a small island with a church. My next stop on my whirlwind tour of the region was the town of Bled.

We chose to stroll around the lake because it is so little. I’m looking for particular information about the length of the walk around the lake, but I can’t seem to find it. We took our time and took a lot of pictures, and it took us approximately 2 hours to walk around it.

Despite the dreary weather, the vivid green-blue tint of the crystal pure water was difficult to overlook. I’ve got a lot of photographs of nothing but water. It’s not great photography, but there’s something about that color that made me want to try to catch it on film… or rather, memory card.

There are also a lot of tiny boats on the lake. On the lake, rowing is a popular sport. Because motorized watercraft are not permitted on the lake, all of the boats are rowing or sailing.

On my phone, I had been utilizing HDR mode. It captures three images and combines them. I loved how it changed the colors of the photos, but it occasionally caused strange artifacts, such as the swan on the right in the photo above.

As we strolled around the lake, we noticed a number of people fishing. It’s understandable. The fish may be seen swimming in the water. It makes me question if it would be easier to just shoot the fish you can see swimming in the water with a spear rifle. A net, on the other hand, might be more effective.

Some sections of the lakeside walkway extend out into the water. The majority of it is on land, but this portion was really interesting.

On our way around the lake, we stopped for lunch. The restaurant was a nice spot to take a break and relax. They also provide a particular dessert that the town of Bled is known for, in addition to standard fare.

This is kremnita, I believe. A pastry with vanilla and cream filling.

The island was fine, and taking the boat there is a great pastime. However, I preferred to view the island from the lake’s beach. On the island, there isn’t much to do besides visit the church and the souvenir shop.

We returned to our accommodation after going around the lake. Before the rain started, Marko suggested that we head to Vintgar Gorge. As a result, we drove to the gorge and had a walk along the path.

We stayed out of the weather for the most part, but it started to pour as we were leaving. We returned to the Guesthouse after our visit to the gorge.

I’m not sure where we had dinner, but we ate and retired for the night. We went back to the lake the next day for a short visit before loading up the car and driving to our next destination.

We planned to spend the night in a different nation the next day, but we stopped for lunch on the Slovenian shore. My intention was to limit myself to blogs about places where I stayed the night, but I think my images from Pirano deserve their own page. When I start processing the photographs, I’ll make that decision.

I hope you enjoyed the post and will join me for the journey tomorrow!

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