Let me introduce you- some great photography took by me


Reportage photography is a hybrid of street photography, landscape postcard photography, and even genre photography.

But reportage photography implies being linked to an event.

Even the arrival of spring can be a cause for celebration.

The important point is to illustrate how everything flourishes around you and how people rejoice.

The contradiction is that summer has already arrived, and I am writing about spring blooming and displaying reportage images.

Long ago, dense foliage on the trees.

It turns out that such posts should be published as soon as the photographic material is ready.

But what about the rest of the current snapshots? They will become even less relevant!

I’ve done it several times, but only in the summer or winter.

When the off-season is outside the window, which means a rapid shift in meteorological conditions and natural occurrences, you can’t keep up and must compromise efficiency for the sake of consistency.

You won’t be able to work online anyway.

To ensure the process’s continuity, you should not leave a stock of images, but rather post everything that was photographed today or at least yesterday.

This process is possible if I shot every day.

After all, posts are posted on a daily basis, yet there is no photography. As a result, you must amass a particular number of images and post them with a time lag.

It also depends on the number of photos: if I showed you all of them, I would have to do two or three posts a day. But I’m going to make a decision.

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