Moscow Russia- Travel to the amazing and beautiful city


Although Moscow is as large as St. Petersburg, the two cities are quite different. Both places are enjoyable to walk, however they have very different atmospheres in terms of sensations. I believe that both cities are excellent in their own right, and that comparing them is meaningless.

Nonetheless, I was able to stroll in St. Petersburg in early June and Moscow towards the end of June.

The early morning was cloudy and there was no sign of a wild heat.

Thunderstorms with showers circled me, yet they never passed over me.

I did not see the element with the subway flooding that took place in early July.

The city center of Moscow is easily walked, like the center of St. Petersburg.

In such weather, I don’t even think about taking the subway.

Which is understandable given that the majority of the action in the film takes place in and around the Kremlin.

Or I’m used to stuffing dominants into the frame everywhere.

I believe it depends on the creative wave. If I was now in a spiritual wave, there would be completely different pictures.

Again, being on a spiritual frequency, I would hardly be able to find myself in Moscow.

Gradually the suffocating heat began to approach.

Even the shadow did not help. There was absolute calm (no wind).

But judging by the rest of the people, nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

Although, in fact, I just dream of at least a minute coolness.

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