Notes on the amazing trips- Kostuninskaya and Smetanino


The trek through the Vologda region proceeded upstream, back to the South, via the Vaga River. I passed through several intriguing and beautiful places along the trip, but two in particular stand out.

The old wooden chapel in the first settlement of Kostyuninskaya made it stand out. It was constructed at the end of the nineteenth century.

The chapel is immediately next to the road, surrounded by the remainder of the village’s residences.

The dome has long since fallen and now appears to be quite weird.

The chapel will be demolished soon.

The dwellings in the community aren’t entirely residential, either; some are simply abandoned.

The road continues along the Vaga River’s bank. The beauty of some locales is breathtaking, and it can easily divert the driver’s attention away from safe driving.

The coast here is steep, though not overly so.

You can sometimes get to the water by following well-worn pathways.

The settlement of Smetanino, or rather the Church of the Resurrection of Christ, appeared further along the road.

Are you looking for white or blue flowers?

Not only show postcards, but a picture with a person! Before I go on to the next post, a word of advice: if you want to be on time or even get someplace, don’t trust the navigator on country roads!

If you’re looking for adventure, on the other hand, trust!

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