Novigrad- village on the shore of a large lake- Croatia


Novigrad is a small village on the shore of a large lake in Croatia. While on an adventure tour around Croatia, my father and I stayed here for one night. We had spent the day before we arrived in Novigrad white water rafting in small, two-person rafts. We had gone rafting in large rafts the day before, and it had not been that exciting. The rafting expedition the next day would be a lot more exciting.

I tried to gather some information about Novigrad, but there isn’t much available. Only the following is found in the wikipedia entry about Novigrad Castle:

In 1386, the Hungarian and Croatian sovereign Mary and her mother, Elizabeth of Bosnia, were imprisoned in Novigrad Castle. Elizabeth was strangled.

That’s probably all I have to say about Novigrad Castle.

We began our day with a drive to the river where we would be rafting. We came to a halt on a ridge for some shots.

Although much of the rafting journey was peaceful and green, we did encounter some rather large rapids.

We parked in a grassy area and strolled to a tiny pool with a waterfall flowing into it for lunch.

We returned to the river after lunch, and things began to get more exciting. We came across several waterfalls. We all had to get out and walk down to the bottom because one was too huge to ride down. Our rafts were carried down for us by strangers.

We also had the opportunity to ride down a waterfall. We had to have one person exit the raft and descend alone. For me, that was the highlight of the day.

We went down the river until we reached a point where we had to turn in our rafts.

This rafting excursion in the little rafts was more enjoyable for me than the trip in the large rafts. The river was not only more exciting, but I also loved the independence of the little rafts. A guide controls where we travel and when we stop in the large rafts, telling everyone when to paddle and when to stop. We could pretty much do whatever we wanted in the small rafts.

We stopped at an overlook on the way to Novigrad and shot some photos. We didn’t spend any time in this part of town. On the main portion of the lake, we were around the bend.

For years, I mistook the photographs above for river photos. On the map, it appears to be a skinny, bendy section of a large lake. The images were taken using the red pin as a backdrop.

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