Paradox of the reportage photography inside a nice city


What is the point of it all? In truth, news organizations require reportage photography first, and then various print and online publications purchase it from them. However, some news organizations have their own photographer on staff.

Despite the fact that photography is fast depreciating, it is still in high demand in everyday life.

The level of competition among photographers and agencies has only gotten more intense.

It appears to be a race for efficiency.

The first person to publish a photo of the event is the winner.

However, the photographer is harmed by the high data transfer rate. And, as a result, the image may be harmed.

Sometimes you have to pick between being creative and wasting time, or clicking a minor storyline first, ahead of everyone else.

Regrettably, nearly no one is interested in the plot. Take a photo with your smartphone, but only if it could be done as quickly as possible.

Following the event, certain news organizations may be able to attach a photo report with a big number of photos.

You noticed a snapshot of “Scarlet Sails” in St. Petersburg on Instagram. Do you know what the photographers had to go through to get this shot and what the competition was like?

The faster the material is needed, the greater the city and the more serious the Internet resource or magazine.

The more severe the event, the more complex the selection and implementation of the event coverage will be.

And for me, everything is simple: flowers, leaves. Spring photo report with a light touch.

But it appears to be the case. Even I am up against it.

You must always maintain good physical condition, or else reportage in the form of competition would devour you.

Let’s face it, not everything is as important as I made it out to be!

You don’t have to let go of your grasp to be on trend. So, in any situation!

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