Sight seeing- of the amazing nice place Sloboda- Russia


The next topic of interest for me was the town of Sloboda. This village is part of the same Prigorodny rural settlement in Russia’s Vologda region’s Sokolsky district.

There is a wooden church of Philip of Rabang here, on a severe bend in the Sukhona River.

From the M8 highway, there are two ways to get to Sokol. The second driveway is located in the settlement of Sloboda.

The Orthodox churches are surrounded by Orthodox figures.

The location is well-kept, appealing, and being used as intended.

Curly clouds nearly always appear closer to noon, so there’s no need to picture anything in the early morning. Dawn is an outlier.

In the city of Sokol, there are two churches.

The Church of St. John of Kronstadt, which was completed in 2015, is one of them.

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