Some beautiful photography of the central Vologda region of the Russian city


Kharovsk, located north of Vologda, is a city and regional hub of the Vologda region.

The city has a population of almost 9,000 inhabitants.

During the construction of the station and the railway bridge over the Kubena River, Kharovsk grew.

The city has a variety of elevations and a body of water, so at the very least something will keep the community created near the railway from becoming uninteresting.

I came here in the winter to photograph the Kubena River suspension bridge.

However, the lava (as the suspension bridges are known in the Vologda region) was in poor condition. A floating pedestrian bridge will now be available.

People are swimming around whenever I photograph waterways!

Because of the unusual heat, my photo essay had a bit of a raid bias of unlicensed swimming locations.

The branch line that passes through this area is a major northbound roadway.

Swimming individuals can be seen against the backdrop of the village of Myatnevo from the road bridge.

I was about to plunge into the river from the bridge during the midday heat…but common reason and the desire to finish the job stopped me.

From the settlement of Sitinsky, this is a view of the Kubena river. The Sit flows into the Kubena somewhere in the distance.

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