Some photography of Russian- town in the Vologda region


Kumzero is a Russian settlement located on the shores of Lake Kumzero in the Kharovsky district of the Vologda region. Located 49 kilometers from Kharovsk’s district center.

Kumzero and other villages around the lake are among the most picturesque places in the Vologda land.

The lake stretches for more than 15 kilometers and is divided into two sections by a tiny waterway. The first half’s breadth spans from 120 to 200 meters, while the second half’s maximum width is 800 meters.

However, the depths are interesting, which in some places reach up to 20 meters! From the satellite, the view of the lake resembles a river.

The largest hamlet and the core of the old rural community, the village of Kumzero, is located where Lake Kumzero divides.

Whatever the view here is the picture for the National Geographic magazine!

Previously, I was hunting for comparable species in other locations several hundred kilometers away, but after getting to know the Vologda region, I am confident that there is no need to travel so far.

All beauties are near!

I had assumed that large old five-walled houses could only be found in the far north, but if you go further, you may discover the same types of buildings as the Pomors in the Vologda region.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the stone church of Flora and Lavra was built.

The roads here are dirt-gravel everywhere, but of good quality.

But the church is completely uncharacteristic in style for the Vologda Territory.

But I understand that there is still just a whole mountain of unexplored.

And so I’m not sure if I can ever be here again.

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