Travel- a small town in Himachal Pradesh Sissu Khwaling


I’ll be sharing some memories from my journey to Sissu, Himachal Pradesh, in today’s blog. Sissu is a tiny town in Himachal Pradesh, India, located in the Lahaul Valley. It is situated on the Chandra River’s right bank.

I visited Sissu during the Autumn Season, and I don’t think the place would be any better without it. Everywhere was looking so lovely, even the roadways were sending out positive vibes.

I didn’t expect Sissu to be good because it was my first visit, but it changed my mind this time. Everything had me enthralled. The lakes, the forests, the rivers, and, of course, the view!

This place is just so fine like everything here is so scenic and beautiful. I still can’t forget the amazing view my eyes got to see. This place is famous for the scenic view and it’s vision.

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