Travel- attend music Fest in the Woods, Germany


After such a positive response to my prior piece, I’m concerned this one will be a letdown. That’s just how things go on occasion. I realize this isn’t a city and doesn’t fit on a “city to city tour,” but this series will include a lot of non-cities. My goal for this series is to earn a @pinmapple pin for each location where I slept on my journey.

I had been using Facebook to share images and views on Berlin. Bernie, one of my buddies, texted me to say he was passing through. He had a spare ticket for an electronic music festival. He asked if I wanted to accompany him. I obviously replied affirmatively.

I shortened my stay in Berlin by checking out of my hotel early. Bernie picked me up and we drove to the event together. We had to stop for a few hours to pick up some of his pals and supplies for a few days of camping.

The setting was simply a large field carved out of the forest. At one of the corners, there was a small pond.

We arrived late in the day and quickly set up our tents and set up shop in our designated space. I didn’t have any camping equipment or a sleeping bag with me. Bernie, fortunately, had some equipment that I could borrow.

The camping area gradually became more crowded. Throughout the four-day event, people would depart and arrive. Some people would become trapped because they chose a location that was surrounded by other people.

After settling in, we went to see what was going on at the party. Bernie and his friends went dancing, while I wandered aimlessly. Unfortunately, the low light circumstances were too much for my crappy old Samsung Galaxy S4. The majority of my night photographs are abysmal.

The next day was scorching! There was no shade because all of the trees had been taken down to construct the field, so people brought their own tents and awnings. They’d come by every now and then to sprinkle everyone with water to keep them cool.

The individuals who put this party together did a fantastic job with the setup. The decor was fantastic, the amenities were excellent, and the sound system was excellent. Porta-potties were provided. They must have numbered in the tens of thousands in the neighborhood. Despite this, around 2,000 individuals attended the event. Most individuals, especially at night, would simply pee in the woods.

I wasn’t planning on swimming in the pond because I went into the woods to pee the night before.

There were a lot of folks peeing back there.

When I looked down, there was a river of urine going straight into the pond. There were so many individuals peeing in the woods that it turned like a tiny river! Gross! So there will be no swimming for me.

It was really hot outside, as I already stated. People were dancing all day, but I spent the majority of my time in our camping area under a canvas. There were facilities set up, and I took many showers to cool up throughout the day.

We stayed at the celebration for another night. I didn’t do much dancing because I wasn’t feeling the music. I primarily just walked about and looked around, wishing I had a camera that could shoot images in low light.

I was ready to leave on the third day. My allergies were being aggravated by the heat, dry grass. The heat was oppressive. And three days of listening to the same Minimal-House bassline was a bit much for me. From afar, it seemed like they’d been playing the same song for three days in a row. I would have gladly paid 100 euros for a single Drum and Bass or breakbeat music. I was becoming tired of the incessant, repetitive house rhythm.

She was fascinated by historic printing presses and possessed a plethora of vintage typesetting equipment. I cleaned up and fell asleep on the couch. We went out for lunch the next day, and she gave me directions to the train station. I bid my farewells and proceeded to the railway station.

I purchased my rail ticket to my next trip at the train station. For the first time in my life, I was leaving Germany and traveling to the wonderful country of Poland. Keep an eye out for the upcoming post on Gdansk, Poland.

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