Travel- Lisbon is Portugal’s hilly coastal capital city


Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, is the continent’s second-oldest metropolis (first is Athens). It’s a lovely and vibrant city with a unique, laid-back vibe that I wanted to experience more of. We only had one day in this magnificent city due to our tight schedule.

My mother and I were vacationing in the adjacent town of Ericeira and decided to take a day trip to Lisbon. I didn’t snap many shots for some reason. I believe it has something to do with traveling with another person and not wanting to stop every few minutes for shots. I’d also been away from my residence in Germany for a week or two and was out of practice.

We found a parking spot downtown and walked about the neighborhood. We decided to go on a tour, so we went for a walk and looked at several choices, such as bicycle excursions. We couldn’t locate anything we liked, so we went on a walk on our own. We eventually got a tuk-tuk tour.

Our first stop was at the Praça do Comércio. It’s a lovely public square with sculptures.

The square’s entrance arch is stunning. The Rua Augusta Arch was created to symbolize the rebuilding of Lisbon following the disastrous earthquake of 1755.

I’m not sure what’s up with this statue. It depicts people being assaulted by animals on both sides. It’s got to be a warning about rabid baby elephants or something. Perhaps there was a tragic circus mishap in Lisbon’s past.

Not only did the baby elephants get away and kill humans, but it also appears that the horses did as well.

My mother and I took a stroll through the downtown area, stopping at the Church of Sao Roque. The decorations in this church were some of the oddest I’ve ever seen in a church. It was crammed with sculptures that resembled dolls.

It was difficult for me to feel fully at ease in this chapel because I’d seen far too many horror films with dolls. Even though it was unusual, there was something cool about it.

The church was undoubtedly a sight to behold. It was interesting to witness this unusual design, even if it was a little unnerving.

We eventually had a tuk-tuk tour of the city and were shown some of the highlights. We’d done a lot of walking, so it was good to sit down and rest while being shown around the city.

This eatery in the midst of the street/sidewalk seems to be quite interesting. I assumed it was a wedding because of the streamers above, but it was simply an ordinary restaurant.

Lisbon, like many other old European towns, had a plethora of charming tiny alleys and lanes. I’m not sure why I find these small streets so appealing, but I do.

We returned to Ericeira after our visit of Lisbon. We relaxed for a while in our apartment before going out to eat. Ericeira was a really cool town. It was an excellent spot to stay, in my opinion. It’s close enough to visit Lisbon yet far enough away to have its own tranquil atmosphere.

Some of these antique structures have a style that I really liked.

Ericeria’s small downtown area was fantastic. It’s a terrific area to go for a walk after a delicious meal.

We returned to our apartment to retire for the evening. The next day, we would begin our journey south.

I had a great time in Lisbon and regret taking so few shots. I remember thinking to myself while in Lisbon that it was a location I’d like to return to for a few weeks on my own. It would be fantastic to be able to take your time and slowly tour the city in order to gain a better sense of it. I couldn’t spend much time there because my mother and I were on a tight schedule. We both had planes to catch on the other side of the world.

I hope you’ll join us when my mother and I start our trek south tomorrow.

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