Travel Piran a resort city on Slovenia’s Adriatic coast


My father and I stopped at Piran for lunch on our route from Bled to Croatia. It’s a lovely seaside town with medieval architecture, small alleyways, and a stunning shoreline. The harbor is now used for fishing and recreational activities, although it was formerly a piracy hotspot during Roman times.

We parked on the outskirts of town and went to the beach through narrow passageways and streets. The weather was wonderful, and the atmosphere of the antique buildings and streets inspired me to attempt to imagine what life was like in this area in ancient times.

Boats hold a special place in my heart for me. Maybe it’s because I grew up watching Flipper, or because of all the books I’ve read, like as the Hornblower and Aubrey & Maturin series. There’s something about boats that evokes feelings of longing for freedom, romance, and danger.

Even the most obnoxious antique fishing boats appeal to me. We’d be spending the night on a boat in Croatia, so it’s a good thing I like boats. Fortunately, we did not spend the night on an ancient fishing boat. In my future post, I’ll go through that in further detail.

My father and I had lunch at a small restaurant near the beach. I had a delicious salad. I’m pretty sure my father ordered something with fish. I recall seeing small octopi somewhere, but it wasn’t at this eatery.

We discovered other eerie statues created by the same individual who created the eerie statues in Ljubljana. Another statue of a man melting was present, although I’m not sure if it was created by the same sculptor.

After a brief walk along the sea, the clouds started to gather. The weather in this area changed swiftly, although there was little danger of a storm. I believe the camera has distorted the scene to make it appear more bleak than it was.

The colourful buildings, beautiful water, and plethora of boats made us both wish we had more time to spend in Piran. Unfortunately, we had some obligations and had to spend the night in Croatia.

I like this photo with the bird, however the day wasn’t as dismal as it appears in the photo.

We returned to the car and drove south after spending a few hours in Piran. We were on our way to Croatia’s first night! Croatia is only a few kilometers away from Piran.

I hope you enjoyed this short article. Normally, I like to write longer entries, but we were only in Piran for a few hours. Stay tuned for the next installment as we travel through Croatia’s most famous and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

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