Travel Pula Croatia- seafront city on Istrian Peninsula


My father and I traveled along the coast to Pula, Croatia, after stopping for lunch in Piran, Slovenia. We had some free time before our accommodation check-in time, so we explored the city and couldn’t help but notice the massive coliseum. We parked the car and went for a walk to investigate.

Outside of Italy, the coliseum is the largest Roman coliseum. It’s incredible to imagine that anything constructed over 2000 years ago is still standing. Visiting sights like this usually makes me want to learn about how people lived in the past.

Although the majority of the construction is original, some pieces have been renovated. I’m curious how brilliant this arena was when it was new, given how bright the limestone is on the rebuilt portion. Imagine attending an event here on a bright sunny day before the invention of sunglasses. It makes my eyes hurt just thinking about it. I believe the fabric that covered the roof of the coliseum in Rome was used to block the sun. I’m curious to see if this one did as well.

This one, like the coliseum in Rome, has underground compartments for storing animals and other items.

My father and I stayed on a boat that night! My passion for boats was expressed in my previous piece, and this night on a boat was ideal for me. I’m not sure if the boat was my idea or my father’s, but it was a great one. The weather was also ideal. The weather in August was warm but not scorching, and the sky was breathtaking.

It was a little difficult to identify where we were staying in the marina since there were so many boats, but the woman who owned the boat came and found us and showed us to our room.

I believe I booked the boat through under the name “hotel on a boat.” The cost was slightly greater than the area’s average (85 Euro). But that was a steal for me!

We enjoyed dinner at the marina restaurant after the sun had set. It was a delicious supper and a relaxing way to end a hard day. We went back to the yacht and slept in our small cabin. The quarters were a little tight, but hey, it’s a boat!

We awoke early the next morning to prepare for another road journey. We were on our way to meet up with an adventurous group tour that we had pre-booked in the southeast. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, in which we’ll continue our exploration of Croatia.

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