Travel Split Croatia is a old port city on the Adriatic


Split, Croatia, is a lovely old port city on the Adriatic. My father and I were on our way to meet up with an adventure tour group when we arrived in Croatia for the second time. Even though there were a lot of tourists, the charm and beauty of this beautiful little city did not suffer.

My father and I went from Pula to Split, which took around 6 hours. The sky looked like something out of a dream, and now I’m stuck with a folder full of dull cloud images. The journey itself was fantastic. It was fantastic to see the country and to be able to stop and stay as long as we wanted. It would cause me to reassess my mobility options in the future. Although public transit is inexpensive and convenient, it lacks spontaneity and the potential to discover new places.

I had reserved a room for us in a house, but it turned out that we got the entire guest house to ourselves. The lodgings were fantastic! would later inform me that there had been a mix-up. The owner of the house didn’t understand English and mistook us for strangers looking for a place. She had no idea that I was the one who had made the reservation online. So, because I was a no-show, charged me a fee, and it took several emails and weeks to have that fee repaid.

We walked into town after dumping our luggage and freshening up to see Split and eat some dinner.

There was a procession and a church event going on when we arrived. I enjoyed seeing the clothes and spectacle, however I wished I had a better understanding of what was going on.

It’s like going back in time when you visit Split’s ancient town. It’s fun to imagine what it was like to grow up in this city during different time periods after it was occupied by the Greeks, Romans, and Venetians.

For some reason, my imagination always conjures up images of pirates in the past. Pirates or kids who had dolphins as pets and went on weekly excursions.

The teeny-tiny alleys and passageways transported me to another era. I imagined swarthy gangs of pirates attempting to cart their loot up the tight stairwell.

I imagined children rushing down that street to the dolphin food store to buy goodies as a reward for their devoted dolphin companion. What’s the point of the prize? Is it true that a dolphin rescued a fisherman who had fallen from his boat? Or did it save a dog stuck on a deserted island?

When visiting a historic city like Split, the mind can’t help but wander.

Split’s waterfront is stunning. When the sun begins to set and the temperature begins to cool, it appears to be the place where everyone congregates.

Some of the people in this photo appear to be missing their feet. That’s the HDR mode on my phone.

My father and I eventually found a location to eat dinner. The cuisine was probably delicious, but I remember the vista, ambiance, and company more than the food.

After that, we returned to our hotel to get some rest. We’d be driving to another city the next day to return our rental car and meet up with our adventure group. I hope you’ll join me to learn out what we did tomorrow!

Do you ever envision what your life would have been like centuries ago when you visit ancient sites? Do you ever wonder what your work would have been if you hadn’t been born? I’m quite sure I’d have been a pirate or some type of adventure-rescue person in Split, complete with a lovable, loyal dolphin. What would you have been if you had been born here a few centuries ago?

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