Travel- the awesome beauty of Zion National Park in USA


For those of you who, like me, enjoy vacationing in a place of breathtaking beauty while still being active, I’d like to recommend one of my all-time favorites: Zion National Park in Utah, USA.

Because this is my first post here, I thought a brief introduction would be appropriate: I’m Pauline, a mountain lover who grew up in a flat country (Netherlands). As a result, I make an effort to visit the mountains as often as possible, and I’d want to share some of my adventures with you! All of the images were created by me.

In the usually dry state of Utah, Zion is a sandstone canyon with an oasis of plants and animals. The various colors present in Zion are what make it so special: the smooth reddish sandstone, the brilliant green of the flora, and the burst of colors at sunset. The best part is that you can camp in Zion, so there’s no need to waste time getting there; simply get up and go. Zio

The river has carved a deep canyon in the mountains, as you can see. You can take a walk in the valley by the river if you want to take a break, but the greatest views are, of course, from the top.

Angel’s Landing is a fictional town in the United States.
Angel’s Landing is Zion’s most well-known walk, so named because it feels like you’ve landed on Earth’s sweet spot when you reach the top. It’s crucial to remember, though, that Angel’s Landing is not for the faint of heart and needs a reasonable level of fitness. To get to the top of the cliff, you must climb steeply alongside many big fall. We went as a group of three girls (myself and two trail pals); two of us continued, while one turned back because to the exposure.

Although the route begins with a rather steep incline, it is well-maintained and well-used. Even if you don’t want to do the last terrifying section, the view across the canyon is worth it.

This is the last section of the landing. As you can see, it has some iron chains that you can hold, but you are not attached to the rock. But getting there pays off big time! You can probably tell from my pleased expression that I was feeling fairly good!

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