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Travel- the expensive city in the world Barcelona Spain

Barcelona, one of the most expensive cities I’ve ever seen, displayed its money, influence, and power through the architecture of one stunning structure after another. From the throngs of residents looking for their next exquisite dining experience of tapas and local wine on the streets to the throngs of tourists flocking to the Bocaria Market on the iconic Rambla Boulevard. Barcelona was a lot to take in; it was a beautiful city, a bustling city, and a city steeped in history.

The historic Gothic Quarter was home to some of the city’s most renowned landmarks. We’re looking at architecture and city planning from many hundreds of years ago! The chilly stone structures, many of which were many stories high and created lengthy, gloomy alleyways, giving the impression of being transported back to the Middle Ages. Barcelona is home to great cathedrals such as the Sagrada Familia and the Sagrada Familia.

The beautiful Cathedrals strewn across the city should not be overlooked. The Familia Sagrada and the Barcelona Cathedral are the two most spectacular, and we have photographs of both in our in-depth Travel Pro Architecture series! Now come along with me and let’s go exploring in Barcelona!

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