Travel to Belozersk a place in Vologda region of Russia


Belozersk is an old city on the shores of White Lake in the Vologda region of Russia.

Travel notes are a type of photo report made in any location, not during a deep study of the location, but while in route or concurrent with a completely other objective of the visit.

This format of surface research of a location is advantageous since it eliminates the need to dig into the atmosphere of space. It is possible to disconnect from a certain dimension, though this occurs involuntarily.

Thoughts are material, have I already spoken about it? Since spring, I have been carrying in my head a desire to visit Belozersk.

And I still managed to do it while traveling through. But wait, there’s more! Then there will be nothing but amazing and complete satisfaction of desire! I was assigned to work in Belozersk for the entire day in order to record every detail in free form.

It’s just luck! That day I was lucky with everything: with the weather, with the mood, with the place itself.

And to be honest, it didn’t seem enough to me. It’s like Totma or any other ancient city with its own distinctive atmosphere.

And these are fishing boats on the bank of the canal.

There will also be a post on the fish topic. This is all from Belozersk.

This travel note can be considered a teaser for future interesting and detailed posts.

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