Travel to Seville- Spain largest city of the autonomous


Sevilla is a lovely old city with a fascinating past. It was the principal focus of trans-oceanic trade after the discovery of the Americas, and it grew into an economic behemoth. Sevilla was the starting point for Ferdinand Magellan’s first tour of the globe. Because of Sevilla’s distance from the coast, these facts appear unusual.

I had previously visited Sevilla with friends some years prior to this vacation. That’s most likely one of the reasons I have so few images from this trip. This post will be light on images but heavy on mileage traveled.

In this essay, I’ll describe my mother and I’s voyage from Ericeira, Portugal, to Tarifa, Spain. We both had flights out of Morocco in a week or two, and we needed to cover a lot of ground to make them.

My mother and I had met in Lisbon and had taken a trip to Sintra. We drove our rental car down to Faro, where we returned it, after a pleasant couple of days in the area. Apart from enjoying the drive through Portugal with my mother, I don’t recall much about the trip down.

We took a bus to Sevilla, Spain, after returning the rental car. We rented an Air BnB in Sevilla for two nights before taking another bus down to Tarifa. I’m not going to make another post about Tarifa because I already have one. We took a boat to Morocco from Tarifa.

Near the end of the day, we landed in Sevilla. It had been an exhausting day on the road. We slept for a while after finding our lodgings, then headed down to a neighboring square to find some food.

We ate tapas on the sidewalk at a wonderful tiny place. For the first time, I tried gazpacho and didn’t care for it. It’s nothing more than chilled tomato soup. Soup that has been chilled and is cold. It wasn’t flavored or anything; it was simply plain cold soup, as if they took a can from the fridge and poured it into a bowl. Something about that simply doesn’t sit well with me.

One of the best things about the gazpacho was that it was garnished with pop-rocks! Pop-rocks are a type of candy that pops in your mouth when eaten. It was such an unusual addition to a soup; I’d never seen anything like it. Even though I didn’t like for the soup, the pop-rocks made it enjoyable.

We returned to our lodgings and turned in for the night after eating and taking in the calming view of the main plaza.

We had breakfast at our apartment the next day and became friends with the property owner’s dog. It was unlikely that our one full day in Sevilla would be particularly thrilling. We needed to take care of certain logistics, so the day was primarily spent taking care of business. We needed to arrange transportation down to Tarifa and purchase boat tickets to Africa.

We did see some of Seville’s sights, but I was slacking with my camera. Part of it was probably because I’d just spent 5-6 months traveling throughout Europe, and everything there was starting to seem like stuff I’d already photographed.

The Catedral de Sevilla was breathtaking. The carved sculptures on the walls reminded me of the cathedral in Zagreb.

We stopped for lunch at a sidewalk cafe after getting our tickets to Tarifa and Morocco.

While we were there, there was some sort of protest or unification march. I believe it was a show of force by the union. They weren’t particularly noteworthy or disruptive.

We spent a few more hours wandering around Sevilla, taking in the sights. It’s a lovely spot, and I wish I had spent more time here while I was traveling more leisurely. I’d avoided it because I’d already been here, but there was a lot I’d missed the first time I came here a few years ago.

We found a good spot on the promenade for supper and drinks that night. I ate regular meals instead of gazpacho. We went back to our rooms after dinner and rested up for the trip down to Tarifa.

We took a pleasant bus excursion down to Tarfia and spent some time exploring the town. I adored Tarifa on my first visit, and I adore it even more now. It was exciting to be able to show my mother one of the places I’d visited previously. During my initial visit, she had seen my images on Facebook, and now she was getting to see them in person. We could easily see Africa across the river.

We walked around Tarifa’s ancient town and looked out the beach. There were a lot of kitesurfers out on the water.

We had a great time at Tarfia. The next day, we boarded the boat and set sail towards a destination that was utterly unfamiliar to both of us. Morocco was not on my list of destinations to visit during my travels, but my mother insisted, and it sounded like a wonderful trip.

That will bring this post to a close. It doesn’t contain as many images as I’d want, but we had a great time traveling down to Europe’s southernmost point. I hope you’ll join us tomorrow as we go to a brand-new city on a brand-new continent!

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